Opportunity 29/52 ’14

If I have learned one thing since high school it is that there immense worth in realising its not what you know, but rather who you know. Of course what you know is important, however, it only truly becomes so once you have that ‘foot in the door’ and this door in question is more often than not opened by someone you know. In this regard, I cannot understate the value in simply talking to people. The photography work that I have so been fortunate enough to secure has come from exactly that, talking to people. So this week I just wanted to take a little aside and say don’t be afraid to take those opportunities that push you outside your comfort zone because this is what makes them opportunities. Also take the time to get to know those around you.

This week’s pictures are of the city, the big smoke, where I have been fortunate enough to find many opportunities and many cool people. Happy week 29!

Processed with VSCOcam with s4 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with s4 preset

Half way! 26/52 ’14

This week officially marks the halfway point of 2014! In my opinion there is no better time to try something new and my latest ‘new thing’ – Bitcoin. I’m sure many have heard of this crypto/digital currency taking the digital world by storm. I personally have known about it for a little while but have always discarded it as ‘without the necessary grounds for success’. However, the more I have been reading into it, the more wrong I have found myself to be, in fact, this week I even bought a coffee with it (see empty cups below!). I am subsequently beginning to take it seriously and I encourage all to do their research into it! On a side note, I fully accept that coffee as the tipping point in my perception of the digital currency, as absurd as it sounds! My second picture this week is a cityscape I was able to capture in the twilight hours of thursday evening this week.

Happy half way week!

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Relief 25/52 ’14


Today marked my first day of freedom after uni exams and so naturally I did the one thing I have been hanging out to do for the last few weeks – take pictures. The weather was so amazing and so I headed on down to the beach. For some reason there were massive schools of fish swimming very close to the shore and so fishermen of all ages lined the waters edge. The little boy in the pictures caught my eye as he was one of the most enthusiastic of all of them.

It truly is a priceless feeling when all the weight you have been carrying is lifted, as happened yesterday, and even more gratifying when you see hard work paying off. I encourage all of those who are ‘feeling it’ to just keep pushing forward, because in the long run it is worth it beyond doubt, and it makes getting time to do the things you love just that little bit sweeter.

Happy week 25!





Exams 24/52 ’14

This week has basically been dedicated to one task and one task only – exam prep. As a result my photo offerings are unfortunately not as plentiful as I would like them to be. However, this only provides me with motivation to really invest time in my photos as soon as my exams are done. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy this weeks photos and find in them something of the tranquility they have brought me.

Happy week 24!

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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset