Featured v2 35-36/52 ’14

Last week I received an email that once again made me very happy! A few months ago a company I follow very closely, the Visual Supply Co (VSCO), featured one of my images on their curated VSCO grid which is a collection of some of the best mobile photography on the internet. The email in question that made me happy was again from VSCO, informing me that another of my images has been featured! The image (below) actually appeared on my blog a month or two ago and can be found here. I can’t tell you how much it means as a photographer when you find out that someone completely random, a stranger for lack of a better term, appreciates your work, so thank you VSCO!

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If I can take anything away from this it is to remember the effect that a random act of kindness can have.

Happy weeks 35 and 36!


Wheels 33-34/52 ’14

With uni, amongst other things, ramping up again this semester I am finding my time rolling by quicker than ever. Even though I know to always expect it, the busyness of uni recurrently takes me by surprise. So much so that I often have to take a mental step back and just re-assess everything to ensure things don’t become too overwhelming. In saying that though, at this point in my life I have never found more truth in the words “I would rather be busy than bored” and tend to use that as a bit of a motto or mantra when things begin to get tough.

While these words are important, I recognise that it is also worthwhile to have an escape of sorts. I am fortunate to have many interests and as a result an ‘escape’ is never far away (this being one of them). For a long time now I have used photography as an escape, however, lately I have had a massive fondness of two wheeled adventures. This began at the start of the year when I acquired my motorbike license and for a while now I have been able to greatly improve my skills on the bike. Unfortunately, I no longer have a motorbike to ride due to personal circumstances (all in all it is probably a good thing!) and have subsequently had to look elsewhere for something to satiate my two wheeled desires. Luckily I didn’t have to look far as this weekend just passed I acquired a ‘fixie’ or fixed gear/single speed bicycle (see picture). It is safe to say that this bike has done exactly what I have wanted it to and have struggled not to ride it all of the time.

I suppose the reason behind me writing this is that when things really begin to get busy, and you’re struggling to keep your head above water, these escapes become more important than ever to keep us moving. For me personally, it is the sense of going somewhere, and being actively part of that travel, that is most satisfying and helping me through. I encourage everyone to find their own ‘bicycle’.

Happy weeks 33 and 34!

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Events 32/52 ’14

Probably one of the most enjoyable things about working as a photographer, besides the photography of course, is all of the great food you get to sample when working at formal events and presentations . I have been fortunate enough to shoot a few different events in the last few weeks where the organisers have over catered and of course I couldn’t bear to see them in such strife and have volunteered to aid in the consumption of said food. In all seriousness though, its probably becoming half of my motivation to work at these events. This week’s picture is from a breakfast event I worked at last week.


So while this week I am unable to offer any insightful observations and comments, I can say this; food is the fuel with which we power our body and feeding yourself properly is so much more than just a chore. As I am growing up I cannot help but find the immense significance in the saying you are what you eat. I myself know I have a bit of work to do in this arena – I think to differing extents we all do. So here’s to finishing the year with the words, clean, green and natural guiding our eating habits.

Happy week 32.

Early Mornings 30-31/52 ’14

We all know the drill, alarm goes off, we stumble around trying to locate it, and if you’re anything like me you’ve probably hidden it so that it’s loud enough to hear, but hard enough to find to force you to take those first few tentative steps of the day to locate it. Oftentimes I find myself thinking, why do I put myself through this, but then I get up and thank myself that I did. There is a certain quality about starting a day during those sunrise hours. Also, due to the popularity of waking up early, or lack thereof, you are immediately putting yourself one step ahead of the general population.

Last week I was fortunate enough to be way on another work trip down to Coffs Harbour. Even though it was really early on the morning after we arrived in Coffs, my colleague and I made the decision to get up early to see the sunrise over the beach, and I’m really glad we did. From the perspective of a photographer too, the morning presents the first golden hours of the day and the opportunity to capture what most rarely see. So my advice this week, set that alarm early, make it hard to find, you’ll thank yourself you did – maybe not immediately but jut give it a few minutes.

Happy week 30!

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Work 27-28//52 ’14

The last two weeks have been busy, but a good busy, a great busy in fact. I have been away on my first major work trip as a photographer. The work I was doing mainly centred around sport photography and so that will make up today’s post. No unfortunately it wasn’t the World Cup, but it did have to photograph soccer. I can’t begin to describe how exciting it is to actually have my photography realised as a profitable endeavour. Anyhow, I can’t help but reflect on the importance of talking to people and getting to know them a little because you never know where these relationships can take you. All the best!

Happy weeks 27 and 28!





Opportunity 29/52 ’14

If I have learned one thing since high school it is that there immense worth in realising its not what you know, but rather who you know. Of course what you know is important, however, it only truly becomes so once you have that ‘foot in the door’ and this door in question is more often than not opened by someone you know. In this regard, I cannot understate the value in simply talking to people. The photography work that I have so been fortunate enough to secure has come from exactly that, talking to people. So this week I just wanted to take a little aside and say don’t be afraid to take those opportunities that push you outside your comfort zone because this is what makes them opportunities. Also take the time to get to know those around you.

This week’s pictures are of the city, the big smoke, where I have been fortunate enough to find many opportunities and many cool people. Happy week 29!

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Half way! 26/52 ’14

This week officially marks the halfway point of 2014! In my opinion there is no better time to try something new and my latest ‘new thing’ – Bitcoin. I’m sure many have heard of this crypto/digital currency taking the digital world by storm. I personally have known about it for a little while but have always discarded it as ‘without the necessary grounds for success’. However, the more I have been reading into it, the more wrong I have found myself to be, in fact, this week I even bought a coffee with it (see empty cups below!). I am subsequently beginning to take it seriously and I encourage all to do their research into it! On a side note, I fully accept that coffee as the tipping point in my perception of the digital currency, as absurd as it sounds! My second picture this week is a cityscape I was able to capture in the twilight hours of thursday evening this week.

Happy half way week!

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Relief 25/52 ’14


Today marked my first day of freedom after uni exams and so naturally I did the one thing I have been hanging out to do for the last few weeks – take pictures. The weather was so amazing and so I headed on down to the beach. For some reason there were massive schools of fish swimming very close to the shore and so fishermen of all ages lined the waters edge. The little boy in the pictures caught my eye as he was one of the most enthusiastic of all of them.

It truly is a priceless feeling when all the weight you have been carrying is lifted, as happened yesterday, and even more gratifying when you see hard work paying off. I encourage all of those who are ‘feeling it’ to just keep pushing forward, because in the long run it is worth it beyond doubt, and it makes getting time to do the things you love just that little bit sweeter.

Happy week 25!